Tampa Palms SINGLE FAMILY Homes

Tampa Palms

Tampa Palms Single Family Homes: Encompassing over 7,000 acres, Tampa Palms is considered to be New Tampa’s largest up and coming community. Featuring charming single-family homes that give off a “picture book” aesthetic, you’ll find an excellent selection of gated and non-gated homes at a wide-variety of prices. Whether you’re looking for three to four bedrooms with two garages or a one-bedroom suite while you’re living the single life, Tampa Palms is all about choices so you can fulfill your housing needs. Conveniently located west of I-75, Tampa Palms is near five private parks, amazing restaurants, four schools and even a members-only club. Yes, your best friends will be green with envy knowing you’re a member of the Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club where you can tee off in style before enjoying a hot slice of pizza from Cappy’s Pizzeria right across the street. And for those with an itch for the great outdoors, Lettuce Lake Park is the perfect place for a hike. With its ideal location, variety of housing choices and endless opportunities for daily activities, Tampa Palms is definitely the place to be.

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