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SOUTH SEMINOLE HEIGHTS (SINGLE FAMILY): Located adjacent to the Hillsborough River and West Hillsborough Avenue, the South Seminole Heights real estate available is perfect for families looking for the best of the suburbs with a dash of historical charm. Featuring listings that are currently available and in pre-construction, these three to seven-bedroom homes offer amenities that range from modest to luxury. From granite countertops and sparkling pools to spacious floor plans and upgraded appliances, you’ll find there’s something for everyone in terms of design and aesthetic. As for the local area, there are plenty of options when it comes to dining, shopping, and activities. You can enjoy a sunset stroll along the Hillsborough River on a warm summer evening or spend the day picnicking at Rivercrest Park. Cappy’s Pizzeria is a dining highlight, serving up a Chicago-style deep dish pizza that is simply mouthwatering. And if you have kids, Broward Elementary and Memorial Middle School are a short drive away. Don’t miss out on one of these incredible properties. Check out the South Seminole Heights homes for sale today. Search our listings below or call (813) 599-3622

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