Odessa creates a convenience that’s hard to find in a small city. Odessa offers a variety of homes in almost any price range imaginable. This range of pricing means that homes are available to anyone in this well maintained community. Odessa Florida is a town shared by two counties with a portion of its location in Pasco County and the other portion in Hillsborough County. Odessa Real Estate history began with a large sawmill that used to employ many individuals and a railroad that traveled through the town. With the continuous demand for new housing and communities, many of the original structures and houses are no longer there. Today, Odessa real estate is still an area that seems somewhat untouched. Odessa is filled with down back roads consisting of many trees, lakes and even some farmland. Businesses such as plant farms, tree farms and nurseries are easily found in Odessa. One of the best things about living in Odessa, Florida is while you have that feeling of living away from the urbanization that most larger cities like Tampa may bring, you are still close enough to enjoy all of the conveniences.

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