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FEATHER SOUND (Townhome): How would you like to watch a gorgeous sunset over the bay from the balcony of your new townhome? Well, at Feather Sound that can be your reality every single day. Located near the St. Petersburg International Airport and Howard Franklin Bridge, these townhomes are in an ideal location for those looking for stunning waterfront properties that are within close proximity to great dining, shopping and entertainment options. Starting at a wide range of listing prices, these two to three-bedroom townhomes feature spacious floorplans, bistro-style seating and private courtyard entryways. As for local activities, Largo Datsko Park is a great place to check out the unique Florida wildlife and Feather Sound Country Club is the perfect location to tee off in style on a Saturday morning. Dining options are also varied in the area with Café Ponte being a popular hotspot. The Lobster en Croute with braised fennel is sure to make your taste buds sing! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to call Feather Sound “home.”

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