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DOWNTOWN ST. PETERSBURG (Commercial): Looking for retail space in Downtown St. Petersburg? Or office space in Downtown St. Petersburg? If you’re looking to give your business the boost it needs in terms of exposure, the commercial properties available in Downtown St. Petersburg are sure to catch your eye. Considered to be one of the city’s fastest growing areas, the commercial spaces available range from small storefronts, to medium-sized office spaces. With new condos, work communities and upscale shops developing each and every year, this area have become a hot commodity for businesses looking to expand their visibility and integrate into the St. Petersburg economy. As for local activities, if you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the office, you might enjoy your lunch break at the Museum of Fine Art. And when it comes to local dining, Parkshore Grill is the perfect place for a team meeting. Their Blue Cheese stuffed meatballs in a cabernet reduction are an explosion of flavor that can’t be missed. Selecting a location for your business is an important decision and we want to make that choice as easy as possible. Check out Downtown St. Petersburg today! Search retail space, office space or any commercial real estate in Downtown St. Petersburg or call 813.599.3622.

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