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COQUINA KEY (Single Family): A true celebration of the boating lifestyle, the two distinct waterside villages in Coquina Key offer up some amazing properties that can’t be beat. Located only minutes from downtown St. Pete, the one to three-bedroom homes in Coquina Key are perfect for any size family and come at a wide range of listing prices. Featuring newly remodeled living spaces, tile floors, natural lighting and expansive master baths, these homes give off the look and feel of Key West with a modern twist. Some properties also offer stunning views of the waterfront and have their own private boat docks as well. As for the location, there's tons to see and do in the local area. For those searching for the best food, you must check out Woody’s Pizza & Wings. Their buffalo sauce has a delicious kick that will leave you screaming for more! If you’re a fan of the outdoors, the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is a great place to check out the local wildlife and if you’re looking for an A-list shopping experience, Baywalk is the place to be. Are you ready to find your dream home? Coquina Key awaits!

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