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15 Glendale Street, Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767
Villas Of Clearwater Beach

This stunning community of condominium homes located at the very heart of Florida's beautiful Clearwater Beach, near Mandalay and Glendale Streets. Imagine taking just a few steps from your own door right over to the famous white sand beaches of Florida's Gulf Coast. These magnificent homes offer you just that--all the luxuries and comfort of a modern condominium home right on the beach front. These 2 and 3 bedroom homes can be rented out on a weekly basis and are an investor's dream come true. Or you can save them just for yourself and enjoy a truly wonderful beachfront or second home. The Villas of Clearwater Beach offer many homes for sale that have been recently upgraded with new appliances and new furnishings. They feature high ceilings, designer decor, all the window treatments, fireplaces, and balconies with stunning sunset views over the Gulf of Mexico. These homes are priced well depending on the amenities offered, so you have lots to choose from. The Villas of Clearwater Beach are calling you to come live a more luxurious lifestyle.

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