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Newcomers will find a delightfully varied selection of housing in and around Clearwater, from charming beach bungalows and cabanas to rambling ranches, handsome condominiums, and luxurious estates. Anchored by the county seat and scenic City of Clearwater, this metropolitan area boasts a stunning stretch of beach along the Gulf of Mexico. Now the county’s second largest city, Clearwater has benefited from significant revenue from tourism. In recent years, an influx of high-tech and service industries have diversified and strengthened the already flourishing economy. Enhancing the impressive hospitality industry, Harborview Center convention complex was built in the mid 1990s and nestles in the very heart of the downtown district. Fine venues for the performing arts, leading museums and galleries, respected healthcare institutions, and excellent public and private schools continue to attract an increasing number of year-round residents and families to this gulf coast resort city known for its quality of life and natural beauty.

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